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Acupuncture Applications for Women’s Health



Acupuncture is an ancient healing technique that has been practiced in China for millennia. In Canada, its common application is for pain treatment and management. True, it is very effective at alleviating back and neck pain — the two most common causes of discomfort in adults visiting rehabilitation centres like ours.


Treatment of pain caused by chronic injuries or acute trauma is one thing, but acupuncture has much wider applications, especially for women’s health. Placing needles on specific acupoints is beneficial for muscle activation, stimulating the immune system and alleviating discomfort no matter where it is in the body. Here are some of the most common concerns many women experience that improve with the help of acupuncture!

Period pain

Acupuncture’s main application is pain management, and menstrual cramps are no exception. Acupuncture works by bringing increased blood flow and oxygenation to the pelvic area. It often goes hand in hand with herbal medicine prescriptions to ensure lasting results. Of course, individual results will vary! Only experienced and licensed acupuncture practitioners should prescribe and carry out acupuncture treatments.

Heavy menstrual bleeding

Acupuncture treatments may be effective in making heavy periods lighter. Heavy periods often accompany heavy cramping as well, so acupuncture may help with both. The possibilities of effective treatment should be discussed with a trusted acupuncture practitioner, as well as with a family physician.

Irregular or absent menstruation

Holistic Medical Clinic’s Dr. Zhang has been helping our female patients with specific concerns about their menstrual cycles, especially irregular or even absent periods. After implementing personalized treatment plans that incorporate both acupuncture and lifestyle adjustments, our patients see their cycles normalize, which is especially important for women who wish to become pregnant.

Weight management

Acupuncture promotes faster metabolism, which in turn allows for more effective weight management, be it weight loss or gain. Many of our patients inquire about acupuncture for weight loss, and indeed, it can be an effective tool, but the one that works in tandem with lifestyle changes such as more physical movement and a more balanced diet.


Interested in exploring how acupuncture can help improve your well-being? Schedule a free consultation today!