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Back Pain: Common Causes and Treatment Options

Back pain is the number one complaint our patients have when they visit the clinic for the first time. It is also the leading cause of concern our practitioners encounter in their practices. Back pain seems to be ubiquitous in our fast-paced city.


But why? And what to do about it?


Before we dive into discussing the issue, it’s important to note that widely different issues can be referred to as “back pain”. It can be a symptom or a cause; muscular, spinal or soft-tissue; refer to upper back, lower back or to the sides. It may be a result of an acute injury or an ongoing issue. To put it simply, there is no one-size-fits-all explanation or solution for back pain! To get to the root of your specific and unique problem, you should consult a professional.


That said, there are still several general reasons why many Canadians report suffering from back pain. You can probably guess a few!

Common causes of back pain

Sedentary lifestyle. Sitting for prolonged periods of time is hard for our bodies, but going for a workout after a long day at work is even harder. Not enough physical activity results in loss of muscle tone, so the back muscles can’t support it as well as they should.


Bad posture. Slouching, looking forward and down on your phone promotes a tired posture that unbalances the spine and puts pressure on the back muscles. Combine it with a general lack of physical fitness and you have a recipe for back pain in the making!


The wrong type of chair. Luckily, this one is an easier fix than others! Sitting in a bad chair all day takes a big toll on your whole body, escalating any posture problems you may already have and promoting back pain. If you notice discomfort in your lower back after getting new office furniture, the chair could be the culprit.


Stress or injury. If you sustained an injury or a slip-and-fall, back pain could well be the result. Treating the cause should remove the symptom.

Back pain treatment options

Again, please allow us to reiterate that back pain treatments really depend on the type of problem you have. It is impossible to recommend a precise course of action without a physical assessment and taking a detailed patient history.


Lifestyle changes. Adjusting habits that promote back pain to lessen their impact on your body.


Better supports. As we discussed above, furniture, especially proper office chairs, are a significant part of your well-being. Finding the one that works for you is very important.


Exercises. Strengthening your core and back muscles does wonders for your back health. However, we do not recommend YouTube for that purpose, as even basic exercises should be performed under the guidance of a professional.


A chiropractic adjustment. Instant back pain relief is very common! Our chiropractor will also recommend exercises and discuss any lifestyle changes needed during your appointment.


Physiotherapy. Not just for acute injuries, a series of physiotherapy sessions is your best bet for not only addressing back pain, but ensuring it never bothers you again.


The first consultation at our clinic is FREE. Interested in talking to a chiropractor or meeting our physiotherapists? Please get in touch.


Stay happy and healthy!