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Benefits of CPAP – Improve Quality of Life by Treating Sleep Apnea

Benefits of CPAP - Improve your quality of life by treating your sleep apnea

Benefits of CPAP – Improve your quality of life by treating your sleep apnea

The CPAP, or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine, is a device that helps people with breathing problems sleep better. This device is the most effective treatment for people with obstructive sleep apnea. The CPAP machine uses mild air pressure to keep the airways open while you sleep, which prevents the obstruction that causes sleep apnea.


CPAP therapy utilizes machines specifically designed to deliver a constant flow of pressure. Some CPAP machines have other features as well, including heated humidifiers. (If you are looking for medical equipment such as CPAP machines, please contact us.)


Sleep apnea is a serious issue and can lead to other health concerns such as heart disease. By treating your sleep apnea, it is possible to reduce the risk of heart disease. Sleep apnea causes you to stop breathing properly many times throughout each night, and these breathing issues have the potential to change your blood pressure and can reduce your blood oxygen levels which directly puts a strain on your heart. Sleep apnea needs to be addressed; a holistic medicine approach paired with a CPAP machine can help.


Using a CPAP to treat your sleep apnea can enhance your life and make each day better. Some of the benefits include alertness, increase in concentration, reduction of snoring and emotional stability. Getting a good night’s rest is very important because it has an effect on how we feel for the rest of the day. Constant fatigue can wear any person down and can lead to moodiness and in some cases, depression.


As one of the leading holistic health clinics in Toronto, Holistic Medical Clinic prioritizes the quality of life of our patients — a good night’s sleep is a cornerstone of holistic health. Our specialists are fully equipped to identify and tackle any sleeping problems you might have. If you have noticed that you are moody, constantly tired and just not getting the most out of your day, a CPAP may be the solution for you.


Come in for a free consultation and we would be more than happy to get your started!