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Best Season Ever: How to Have a Safe and Fun Spring

Spring is here! Just like you, we are loving the warm weather, the sunshine and the reprieve from the cold. And, just like you, we realize that this spring may not be a typical one. With the pandemic stress far from over, most of us are still living isolated, away from loved ones and activities we used to enjoy. Our lives aren’t magically easier when the weather is nice. Sadly.


Yet, we should all find joy and pleasure everywhere we can. And we have a few tips on just that. Let’s make this spring the best one ever!

Tips for a Happy, Healthy Spring

Take it easy

First things first, the pandemic is still here with all its hardships. Give yourself a break if you’re not feeling happy or joyous. It is normal to continue feeling overwhelmed, fearful and stressed even with hope on the horizon. With the pandemic’s end in sight, we may put pressure on ourselves to quickly become “the pre-pandemic us”, but it’s going to take some time. Take it easy on yourself.

Stay safe

By the same token, stay safe. As the weather draws people outside all around the city, we may suddenly find ourselves in a crowded situation we’re no longer used to. Respect your own and other people’s boundaries when it comes to masks and social distancing. It’s a gradual process for everyone!

Get outside

Now that the weather is better and the sun is shining in Toronto, you have more options than ever to have fun outdoors. From going on neighbourhood walks to exploring local parks and trails, you can cycle, rollerblade, run and walk around. Take your family with you or go alone. Fresh air does marvels for your state of mind!

Take care of the aches and pains

If you have a lingering discomfort, muscle or joint pain anywhere in your body, this needs your attention. Spring is the perfect time to book an appointment at Holistic Medical Clinic to get assessed for any pain you have. You deserve to live pain-free, and there is a lot our specialists can do to help you. Increase your mobility, movement and enjoyment of life by taking care of yourself!

Find new ways of doing the things you love

While you may still find the number of fun activities to be restricting, try putting a spin on things you enjoy doing. Take your loved ones on a virtual tour of your neighbourhood. Have the first cookout of the season while it’s still chilly. Plant spring flowers. Start a book club. Plan a future trip in great detail. Reconnect with friends you haven’t talked to in a while. The list is endless!


How are you finding joy this spring? 🌷