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Chiropractic: 5 Common Myths and Misconceptions

Holistic Medical Clinic prides itself on the quality of our chiropractic care. In fact, after registered massage therapy, chiropractic is the most requested treatment at our clinic! And for a good reason. A chiropractic assessment and consultation can make all the difference between chronic pain and immediate relief. That said, there are still many common questions, myths, and misconceptions about chiropractic care. Let’s address some of them today.

1. Chiropractic adjustments hurt.



Chiropractic treatments are not painful and are done with the utmost care and attention to the patient’s comfort. While some manipulations may need to address tender muscles and joints, which may cause some tension as they relax, pain will not be on the table. Pain relief, on the other hand, is a very common result of the first chiropractic visit!

2. Every chiropractic treatment includes an adjustment.

If you mean the popping and cracking type that you may see on YouTube, then no, not necessarily. However, most chiropractic treatments do include gentle corrections of the parts of the musculoskeletal system that cause the patient pain, performed in accordance with the patient’s needs and comfort level. You may feel gentle pressure applied and never experience a neck cracking (especially if you don’t want it).

3. Every adjustment makes a cracking or popping noise.

Also no!


Please see the explanation above. If you are concerned about the particular adjustment style that involves popping, mention it to your chiropractor and she or he will make sure to assuage your concerns.

4. A chiropractor can only help with back pain.



A good chiropractic doctor is an expert on the human spine, the musculoskeletal system, mobility, physical fitness, and even nutrition. To put it simply, a good chiropractor (like the one we have at Holistic Medical Clinic!) will be able to help you with pain, no matter where it originates, be it in the back, the neck or the extremities. Getting to the root of the problem and discovering what is causing the pain in the first place is key. Chiropractors utilize all of their medical knowledge to assess, treat and even help diagnose other conditions in their patients.

5. You have to keep coming back for chiropractic treatments.

Yes, in general, we recommend a course of treatment spread over several visits. This, however, does not mean that a single chiropractic visit can’t be helpful or pain-relieving! You are very welcome to drop in for a standalone chiropractic session whenever you need it. If the pain is severe, it is likely to require a longer treatment series.


The first visit normally includes the initial assessment, chiropractic adjustments and “homework” (exercises you may need to do at home). Subsequent visits would allow your chiropractor to monitor your progress, see how you respond to care, try different methods of treatment and even refer you to a different specialist, if necessary. If the treatment is going well, as your pain subsides and the root causes are addressed, you won’t need to come in for repeat visits unless you have new concerns to address.



Do you have more questions about chiropractic or other treatments we provide?

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