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Fall Wellness Tips for a Worry-Free Cold Season


The days are getting shorter and colder, the nights are longer and the temperatures are about to dip—October is here! Fall is a truly beautiful time, especially in Toronto this year. However, fall also marks the beginning of the cold and flu season! This isn’t pleasant even at the best of times, and this year with COVID-19, we are all facing even more health threats. Taking more steps to protect your health is paramount.


As your holistic wellness centre for the whole family, Holistic Medical Clinic is your go-to for a variety of treatments that will help strengthen your health during the cold season. We have lots of great tips to share, and you will find just a few of them below!


???? Boost your immune system with a good diet and moderate exercise. Now, more than ever, eating nutritious meals and receiving all your macronutrients and vitamins is paramount. Keeping active will improve your overall wellbeing, help you sleep and rest better. Especially if you exercise outside!


???? Schedule wellness treatments, such as acupuncture and homeopathy consults, to aid you in boosing your immune system. Setting up recurring appointments will help keep you on schedule and prioritizing your well-being.


???? Address any chronic aches and pains. If you experience pain in a particular area for longer than several days at a time, it demands your attention! Holding tension in your neck may cause headaches and migraines, while back pain is the most common complaint we receive at the clinic. Get fast relief with massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments. We do it all the time!


???? Pay close attention to the health of your family. If your children suffer from frequent colds, our homeopathy specialist Veronika would like to help. Her area of expertise is in children’s health and addressing the immune system concerns that prevent your kids from staying cold-free in winter.


???? Sadly, with the pandemic ongoing, it’s an important reminder to be continuously vigilant about COVID-19 as well. Maintain good hygiene when it comes to COVID-19 transmission prevention. Washing hands, maintaining physical distancing, and wearing a mask are all accessible tools we have in mitigating the spread of the coronavirus. Rest assured that our clinic continues to practice strict cleaning and safety protocols to keep our patients and staff safe!


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