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Why You Should Try a Hot Stone Massage Today

What is a Hot Stone Massage?

A hot stone massage is not just a massage, it is a whole experience. The treatment involves using smooth and hot stones with a temperature of approximately 43-55 degrees Celsius. The massage therapist might lower the temperature if any discomfort arises from the patient. What is interesting to know is that the use of hot stones can interrelate with the practice of Swedish massage. What is Swedish massage? It is the most common type of massage that involves gentle, long kneading motions and soft, rhythmic tapping movements on different parts of the body.





Where is it performed?


The massage procedure usually involves the specific placement of the hot stones on the body. Usually, the position of the stones depends on where the tension arises. In most cases, the massage therapists place the hot stones along both sides of the spine. However, the position of the stones can vary. It is common to place the stones in the hands’ palms, certain spots on the face, or feet, depending on the patient’s needs.




Origin of a Hot Stone Massage

The origin of hot stones travels back to India, progressing across the world to the Indigenous tribes of North America.  Indigenous tribes used the hot stones in the sweat lodge ceremonies performed to purify and heal their human souls. All over the world, from China to Hawaii, people used hot stones to relieve some kind of spiritual or physical tension. However, the hot stone massage started to gain some popularity among alternative massage techniques only in 1990.



Does the Massage Hurt?

Many of you might be wondering, does hot stone massage hurt? At Holistic Medical Clinic, you are taken care of by well-trained professionals. You should not feel any pain during or after the hot stone massage. However, for some, muscle sourness might arise in the day or two after the initial massage. If you do feel discomfort or pain for any reason, you should let the massage therapist know as soon as possible.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage?

Knowing the meaning of a hot stone massage and its origin, it is helpful to note the benefits that come with it. Are you having trouble sleeping or falling asleep? Sometimes depression or even ongoing anxiety can contribute to this problem. Hot stone massages tend to improve the quality of sleep, according to an experiment conducted by J Res Med Sci. Indeed, overall hot stone massage may reduce your stress and anxiety. Not to mention, it may be incredibly relaxing and peaceful for most people. Another benefit of a hot stone massage is that it may help relieve a few severe conditions, such as fibromyalgia. There are many benefits of hot stone massage treatment and it is helpful to educate yourself about its impact on your daily life.


Here, at Holistic Medical Clinic, we provide various types of massage, from traditional Swedish massage to sports massages. You can find the Holistic Medical Clinic contact information by clicking here.


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