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Life is Not A Race: Do Things at Your Own Pace

Like you, reading this blurb, I wake up in the morning, and my brain neurons are overwhelmed with things I must deal with right this second, the next day, and the following year. We all have goals and dreams which we jeopardize by placing more importance on our time to concentrate on our responsibilities. Your Husband/Wife needs some help; your kids are screaming in the morning to get them ready for a daycare/school/university. It’s been a while since you saw your parents, but you plan your visit for Saturday/Sunday due to work on weekdays. At the same time, deep down, you actually want to take a bike ride somewhere in nature just to be with yourself and get that much-needed rejuvenation. So, you wake up, take care of your family/yourself, get ready to go to work, meet deadlines, get the job done just to put food on your table, pay a mortgage and somehow save for your vacation.

However, I forget another thing – your phone. Your wake up and open your FB page, favourite news page or Instagram, and your brain just starts consuming this, most of the time unneeded to your health information. This list of daily distractions just continues to grow as your day goes by. By 7pm or 8pm, you are finally done dealing with the daily obstacles and rightly want some time off. More often than ever, I take a glass of wine instead of going to a gym or bringing to life that early morning thought of getting on my favourite bike and taking a ride in the park…I just don’t do it as I don’t have the energy. Everything surrounding us just drains the fuel out of us. Frankly, there is no energy left to spend on ourselves. And don’t start me on nightly wakeups at 2am to think about something that does not make sense at 2am in the morning. But your uncompliant brain, for some reason, thinks otherwise.

Our daily lives compose of things that we need to take care of. But who is going to take care of you?

At Holistic, we want to step forward and do something to help you manage you, manage your well-being. So, as with any business, we use metrics to track the performance of operations. One of them is looking at attendance. The record shows that people typically use their benefits towards the end of the year because, simply, otherwise, they would expire. So, why is that? Well, we think that we are too busy to take care of ourselves, so we wait until the last minute.

We want to help. We are now offering a service where we would help design a schedule to help you take care of yourselves. If you have insurance benefits, based on your coverage, we will create a plan according to a doctor’s recommendations and make sure you stick to the plan. For example, you are a part of a corporate world, and your work does not involve much physical movement. Considering your current health stage, age, and other factors while considering your insurance benefits and budget, we will create a schedule for you to come in and get rejuvenated throughout the year so that you don’t have to hurry at the end of the year and try not to forfeit your benefits. We will design your health maintenance within your budget if you don’t have insurance benefits.

Our goal is for you to consistently take care of yourself throughout the year in a way that is most effective to benefit your health and well-being.

–  Marta Polovka (Clinic Director)