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Why You Should See a Chiropractor Regularly


City life moves fast — we are always busy. We have work, families, children to raise, friends and many commitments. We aim to eat well, exercise regularly, and get a good night’s sleep. So fitting a regular visit with a chiropractor into this packed schedule is tough. For sure!


Yet, in addition to seeing a family physician when you feel unwell, we also recommend regular visits to a holistic health practitioner. Especially a chiropractic care expert! Good chiropractors not only do spinal adjustments and posture corrections — they are trained and experienced healthcare practitioners who may improve many aspects of your life.


Consider the following reasons you may want to include a monthly checkup with a chiropractor. We promise that this level of commitment to your health is worth it!

Wellness care

The cornerstone of everything we do at Holistic Medical Clinic, wellness care should also always be on your mind. Prevention is the best treatment! Regular chiropractic adjustments stimulate the immune system and help increase resistance against cold and flu. This is especially important during the cold winter months. ❄️

Chronic injuries

Many of us have chronic injuries. Doing sports, performing repetitive work tasks, the regular strain of house chores can all be the reason. No matter where the injuries are on the body, regular chiropractic adjustments can prevent them from getting worse in the long run. A good chiropractor will also be able to offer qualified advice on how to adjust your physical activity and daily routine to lower the risk of re-injury. They will pay close attention to your work and family situation and suggest solutions that don’t preclude you from your commitments.

Minor complaints

Struggling with posture or recurring back pain is so common that most patients don’t even think about bringing those up let alone addressing them. “I’m just getting old”, “I’ve been hunching my back since I was a child” — we hear these often! In the meantime, many postural imbalances and the back pain associated with them can be corrected over time with commitment and repeat visits. Often, noticeable improvements are apparent with just 2-3 visits. The best time to start is now!

Early warnings

It is rare but it happens. Seeing a health practitioner regularly allows them to get to know you over time — and spot any number of early warning signs of serious conditions developing without you knowing. Dr. Michael Payan who practices at Holistic Medical Clinic tells us a story of a patient he saw a few years ago:


A patient came in to see me about aches and pains in his lower back. He wasn’t sure how they started, but thought he may have tweaked it doing gardening. I took a detailed health history, which showed me some red flags. He mentioned the poor quality of sleep, night sweats, undiagnosed rashes which concerned me. After working with the patient for several weeks (I treated rather conservatively), I saw no improvements in his condition… This concerned me even more. I suggested he do several medical studies and request an MRI and an X-Ray. He was soon diagnosed with early-stage prostatic cancer. Because it was caught and treated early, he has undergone successful treatment and as far as I know, is doing fine after five years.

Dr. Michael Payan, Chiropractic Specialist at Holistic Medical Clinic

Don’t let the story above scare you. It’s a happy ending because the patient took a step to see a holistic practitioner to get treated. Forming an ongoing working relationship with a good healthcare provider makes a huge difference in wellness care and may even save a patient’s life.

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