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August is Here: Summer Wellness Tips

This has been an interesting summer, to say the least. I hope you’re finding ways to enjoy it whether you’re staying in the city or making a break for cottage country. Even during relaxation, it’s important to stay active and actively contribute to your wellness. In summer, that can be easier for some and harder for others. In this article, we will offer some wellness tips specifically for our hot Toronto summers!

What does it mean to be well in summer?

Every person is unique and so will define “wellness” differently. However, some markers of summer wellness apply to everyone, from children to adults:


???? Handling hot temperatures well

???? Getting a good night’s sleep

???? Waking up refreshed and rested

???? Allowing yourself to sweat but not get overheated

???? Feeling comfortable indoors and outdoors


Feeling rested, comfortable at a variety of temperatures, and protecting your body is important at any time of year. In summer, it takes precedence because you want to have as much energy as you can to enjoy all this season has to offer! Following the tips below, you will achieve the optimal wellness level to enjoy summer to the fullest:

???? Hydrate

Drink water, lots of it. It’s such an easy piece of advice to give but it’s surprising how little we tend to drink when it comes to just water or sugar-free natural drinks like herbal tea or mineral water. Good hydration will help with your energy levels and heat regulation. Drink up without worry – you really can’t overdo hydration!

???? Don’t worry about sweating

Sweat is a natural by-product of your body self-regulating its temperature to protect you from overheating. There is nothing to be ashamed of; let yourself sweat! A daily shower and a bit of natural deodorant is all you need to keep smelling fresh and nice.

???? Moderate alcohol consumption

It’s patio season even if it’s on our porches and backyards! We get it. Enjoying a glass of wine, some beer or cider outdoors is especially fun in summer. However, don’t overdo it. Too much alcohol messes with your body and sleep patterns, preventing you from getting a good rest and waking up ready to tackle the day. If you choose to drink, space each serving out and drink plenty of water in between.

???? Wear light, layered, breathable clothing

Dress for comfort in summer. Help your body with heat regulation by wearing natural fabrics, light layers and clothes that don’t chafe or pinch. Chafing is a very summer problem due to increased sweating, so comfortable clothes become even more important.

☀️ Wear sunscreen

Protect your skin – wear sunscreen! Don’t forget that sunscreen isn’t just for your face but for every part of your body that gets exposed to sunlight. Arms, shoulders, legs, neck and ears, even your lips all need protection. Sunscreen needs to be reapplied every several hours and every time after you go swimming.

????️ Stay active

Nothing like going for a light jog along the beach or for a bike ride in the park! Summer is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities that we don’t get to do enough in winter. Stay active and get outside, but be mindful of the weather and protect yourself accordingly by hydrating, wearing sunscreen and a sun hat.

Happy dog days of summer to all!