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Homeopath: Veronika Zhmurko


Veronika Zhmurko is our Homeopath at Holistic Medical Clinic. We are sharing her story about how she became a homeopathic specialist.

Keep reading and enjoy!


“My way to homeopathy was long and not quite steady. It started during my first years in medical school when one of my classmates invited me to attend some homeopathy lectures. These lectures were not mandatory in the medical program, but everybody could attend them if they wished. I have to say that these lectures did not impress me much. Moreover, there was a skeptical opinion running around homeopathy, and after a few attempts, I decided to discontinue this endeavour. Homeopathy came back to my life when my oldest daughter was around 12 months old and developed eczema. As a diligent medical student, I brought her doctor to doctor and we tried different modern treatments but everything was in vain. It was always the same story: after some creams’ application it looked as if it disappeared, but eventually, eruptions would come back in even worse condition than before. I felt hopeless. Indeed, once I graduated from medical school I started working as a General Practitioner. During my years of practice, I experienced so many cases similar to my daughter’s: when treating a patient’s certain condition and the condition seemed to go away, the patient would eventually return with the same set of symptoms (sometimes even worse).


Then, the same classmate advised me to try Homeopathy to treat my daughter’s eczema. And I did it without any hope or trust in it. To my surprise, after three doses her skin started to clear up and eruptions never came back.

“Every time I have looked for a different method to treat a condition permanently, I have always returned to homeopathy”

My next professional step was to obtain my PhD in clinical immunology. I thought that understanding how the immune system works would help me figure out why my treatments were lacking effectiveness. It seemed so logical to me giving anti-inflammatory medications for inflammation, or fever-reducing drugs for elevated body temperature. Learning the body’s immunological mechanisms in detail made me understand that nature has already given us everything we need to help our body heal itself. Fever and inflammation are in fact very effective mechanisms to protect and cure the body.


After two degrees I decided to study Homeopathy thoroughly and received a full education in two of the best homeopathic schools. I was such a skeptic about homeopathy, but time, education, and different personal experiences have proved its value and benefits.


At the end of the day, is to provide a remedy that works not the purpose of healthcare?


If you wonder if homeopathy can help you, we should have a conversation.”


Veronika Zhmurko MD(UA), PhD, Registered Homeopath



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