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Winter Injury Alert: Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are in the top three reasons people go to the ER in winter. The injuries resulting from walking in the snow, slipping and falling on the ice may range from mild like bruises and sprains to severe like fractures and concussions. You can take many precautions to avoid a slip-and-fall (see our winter tips here), but if it happens, you need to be prepared.

What to do after a slip and fall

???? If the slip-and-fall appears minor, i.e. you can get up and walk, make sure you are okay first. Then, arrange to see a doctor.

???? Go to a walk-in clinic, see your family doctor or better yet, visit a physiotherapist. If there is unseen damage, it is better to address it immediately and not let it turn chronic.

???? Cannot get up and/or have broken something? Call 911.

???? Find a personal injury lawyer if you are considering seeking compensation for damages, including medical expenses and lost wages.

???? Once the acute injuries heal, you may need long-term rehabilitation.  Follow professional advice and go gently on yourself while recovering.

When to seek compensation after a slip and fall

????️ If you got seriously hurt, you may decide to seek compensation. Depending on where the fall happened, you would seek damages from the municipality or from a business or an individual owner of the private property.


????️ Slip-and-fall cases fall under the personal injury umbrella, so the responsibility for paying out compensation will lie with either the private property’s insurance company or the municipality. In both cases, you need legal representation (a lawyer) as no insurance company would deal with you directly.


????️ In addition, when filing for damages against a municipality in Ontario, you are required to give written notice within 10 days of the incident. This requirement does not apply to claims against private property.


????️ If you fall and want to pursue a case, the best course of action is contacting a lawyer as soon as possible. They would then coordinate with your rehabilitation clinic to ensure you receive timely care without being saddled with treatment expenses.


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